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Find a Lot

Finding the right lot is one of most critical tasks of a development project.  We help you find a lot that fits your needs.   Paymun understands the curb appeal of a brand new structure through analyzing market trends and comparable properties in the neighborhood. Helping you work within your budget. Getting the right loan and lender lined up. Understanding the costs of every step and maximizing cost efficiency.

Paymun provides you our experience and knowledge so you can make an informed decision.  There is a lot of criteria that needs to be taken into account. How challenging developing on the lot will be? Is the lot steep?  How large of a property can be built on the lot? Engineering questions such as the potential height of the retaining wall needed to build the desired size of the house. How close is the lot to utilities? How easy is it to get construction trucks to deliver material to the job site?

Once we identify the lot, we negotiate to ensure you get a great deal and help guide you through financing your project.  Every financial situation is unique. We understand all the different elements involved with financing a good project. This includes: – which lenders are most suitable for your needs -what type of down payment and cash injections is needed – your current financial obligations.

After you find the right lot, it is time to design your house.

Design your Dream Home