Ben’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Wilder Real Estate

Wilder Real Estate in Orinda has a lot to offer to future homebuyers. If you’re looking for a serene luxury community with full-service amenities in the Bay Area, then you’ve found the right place. As you’ll see, we have a lot offer to the homebuyer who needs a private getaway but who also needs to keep connected. On top of that, it’s a close-knit community that truly makes you feel like you’re part of something special. That’s how I feel — because I designed and built my own family’s home in Wilder, where I’ve lived with my wife and children for the past year. In this short amount of time, we’ve truly become immersed in nearly every aspect of the community; it’s a place where we actually know our neighbors’ names.

Getting to Know Wilder Real Estate

Walnut Creek from Mt. Diablo summit

If you’ve never heard of Wilder, let’s set the stage. Located in Orinda just 15 minutes away from San Francisco, this natural haven provides a much needed respite from the tech-centric city. And to truly seal the deal, every piece of Wilder real estate is a brand new, custom built home. You can either purchase a parcel and design your dream home with our team of experienced professionals, or choose a home site where building is already underway. We’ve already developed multiple lots in Wilder in addition to my own home.

So exactly what kind of Wilder real estate can you find? The answer is a truly diverse range for all styles and palettes. Lots are sizeable and span anywhere from ¼ of an acre up to a full acre. My team and I can take you step by step in selecting the best spot for your needs and wants. We’ll look at your overall budget and help you decide how much to invest in a lot to ensure there is enough money left over for all other phases of the project.

It’s not overwhelming when you’ve got the right team behind you. In addition to selling Wilder real estate, Paymun Building & Development is our design and construction arm that can assist you as much as needed. In fact, we can even help you with financing through our home mortgage loan program. We are truly a one-stop shop when you’re ready to bring your Wilder real estate dream into fruition.

Wilder Amenities: the Best of Luxury Living

Though most people wouldn’t think of it as an amenity, the first thing every potential homeowner notices about Wilder is the pure, unadulterated nature that surrounds it. Rolling hills, babbling brooks, thick, green woods and sprawling fields of wildflowers— beatific sights most people never see firsthand let alone even know exist— extend across Wilder. And within the serenity are trails, bike paths, and equestrian routes that not only connect within the community but also link up with the Robert Sibley Regional Volcanic Preserve as well as other trails throughout Orinda.

For residents, it’s never been easier to reconnect with nature and escape to a calmer, more peaceful lifestyle. More astonishing? Of the 1600 acres that make up Wilder, 1300 will never be developed. Homeowners who purchase Wilder real estate can have the peace of mind knowing that the views that drove them to Wilder in the first place will never be tarnished in the future. So what is beautiful now will be beautiful in the years to come. When it comes to buying real estate, there’s perhaps no wiser investment than purchasing a home in Wilder.

Scenes from the Walnut Creek Farmers Marker

Within the 300 acre community is another heaven. Harmonious, expertly planned, and masterfully delivered, are the community centers available to all homeowners free of charge. The Quarry Club House (built in the style of Spanish colonial revival architecture), is an $8 million dollar community hub offering the best that money has to offer. It comes with fully stocked fitness and yoga rooms, a world class competition pool, outdoor fireplaces, sunbathing lounges, and beautifully decorated gathering areas — all sporting Wilder’s jaw dropping views, of course. Here, parents have everything they need to keep their kids happy and homeowners everything they need to stay fit and healthy. Gone are the days of jogging beside exhaust ridden cars and swimming in pools packed to the brim with people. At Wilder there’s room to stretch and relax — and there always will be.

Personally, my family and I are members of Orinda Park Pool, which has an amazing youth swim team. My daughters safely get year round exercise while making friends and learning to be part of a team. At the same time, my wife and I get to cheer them on during competitions, plus socialize with other parents in the neighborhood. Swimming is huge in Lamorinda and there’s so much positive energy surrounding the swim events. When we’re not at the pool, we love participating in different community events throughout the seasons.

What’s Nearby Wilder Real Estate

You know that one of the biggest draws of buying Wilder real estate is its close proximity to San Francisco. But Wilder is located in the heart of Orinda, which is a charming place to live. Though considered semi-rural, there are plenty of cultural attractions to take advantage of. The historic Orinda Theater maintains its original 1940s decor while showing all the latest big screen hits. Family friendly events take place throughout the year, including a film festival, outdoor Shakespeare plays, and concerts. Orinda was even named by Forbes as one of America’s friendliest towns. The schools are also top-notch, ranking high both within the state and the entire country, but more on that later.

Another great thing about choosing Wilder real estate over any other is that you get the small town atmosphere of Orinda with the convenience of more metropolitan areas. Berkeley, for example, houses numerous art museums, restaurants, theaters, and parks, and is also the home of nationally renowned colleges and universities, such as the University of California, the Wright Institute, and several highly respected philosophical and theological schools. Berkeley is a central hub for arts, learning, and culture. Wilder may seem removed when you’re there, but you’re only a 10 minute drive back to civilization.

Then there’s Napa to consider. It’s only a 50 minute drive north, and also offers a slew of things to do. Obviously you’ve got internationally award winning wine at your fingertips, but you’ve also got museums and art galleries, such as Napa Valley Museum, the Hess Collection, and the Arena Art Gallery. There’s live music at Uptown Theatre and Silo’s Music Room, and you can get a bird’s eye view of the vineyards on a hot air balloon. So spend your evenings and nights at critically acclaimed bistros and bars without fear because you can still be back home in time to get a full night’s sleep for work the next day.

As you can see, the Wilder real estate community in Orinda is perfectly situated between the best of the best that California has to offer. Not only do you get nature, but you get art and culture from some of the most talked about places on the planet. Combinations like this can’t just be found anywhere.

Local Schools Near Wilder

Worried Wilder may just be a pretty face? Put those fears away. The schools in the area have a lot to offer. Glorietta Elementary School scores far above national averages on state mandated tests. For math, where the state average is 37%, kids score 85% proficiency. Science? The state as a whole scores around 53%, but students consistently score a whopping 88%. And English where the average is 48%, Glorietta Elementary students score 86%.

Let’s fast forward to high school and take a look at Miramonte High School. Unsurprisingly, students still score way above national averages. For standardized tests, students score 86% for science, 88% for English, and 79% for math (which are all leagues away from the rest of the state). Skip to the SAT and see that the average score is an 1894, which is 421 points above the rest of the state. College entrance requirements, you ask? A full 88% of students meet both University of California and California State University requirements.

Perhaps the most telling statistic of them all is the on time graduation rate. 98% of students at Miramonte graduate on time (whereas for the state the average is 82%).

Simply put, students in the area score well on tests, practically have a 0% dropout rate (because 2% suggests extenuating circumstances), and most are likely to get into major universities. It doesn’t take a PhD in education to understand that these kids are well on their way to success going to nearby schools. An investment in Wilder real estate is not just an investment in a luxury home. It’s an investment in your child’s future, too.

I’m personally familiar with the academic rigor and caring attention provided in Wilder schools. My daughter Avah attends Wagner Ranch Elementary School as a second grader and absolutely loves it. I continuously volunteer with the school’s Think First program, which teaches children how to deal with their emotions and learning how to be kind to others. My wife also regularly volunteers for the school’s yearbook and we regularly support the school with fundraising efforts and donations. One of the reasons I’m so invested in the Wilder community is because of the benefits we all receive from the incredible schools. Last year, Avah’s first grade teacher was awarded as the best teacher in the district, which certainly showed in the classroom. I can’t imagine raising my children anywhere else.

If you’re not a parent and you don’t think this pertains to you, think again because it certainly does (and we’re not just talking about the resale value of your home). Students who perform well on tests but live in rough households do exist, but they are the exception. Generally, high achievers come from supportive families who instill morals and communicate challenging expectations to their children. What does that mean for you? Expect your future neighbors to be solid, well grounded people who will likely help you should you ever need a hand, and be someone with whom you would like to associate.

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