Wells Fargo Scandal: Why a Personal Connection Matters!

In the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal, more and more clients have raised concerns about the big banks. The short version of the controversy is that Wells Fargo employees were allegedly enrolling existing bank customers for deposit and credit card accounts without their knowledge or consent to meet Wells Fargos company sales targets.
While this is mostly due to Wells Fargo’s pressure on employees to meet tough sales targets, it’s also because these employees most likely never met those bank customers. They don’t know the customers personally, don’t interact with them day-to-day or know their stories. Being part of a large institution with hundreds of thousands of employees and customers, it’s very hard to create personal relationships and when that connection is not there, employees feel distant from the customer and that makes it easier to commit such horrible, illegal and unethical acts.
This is why so many people prefer to work with small businesses like Paymun the only scandal we have is whose house to go to for the Holidays!

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